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Local 107 members are men and women working in construction, environmental remediation, and the nuclear industry in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Local 107 is an affiliate of LIUNA - the Laborers' International Union of North America - the most progressive, aggressive, and fastest-growing union of construction workers, and one of the most diverse and effective unions representing public service employees. 

As a member of LIUNA, you belong to a strong, aggressive union with a proud history of serving its members.  You have representation on the job and someone willing to stand behind you.  LIUNA is proud to offer Laborers the best programs, services, expertise, and information available, providing them with the tools they need to turn obstacles into opportunities for advancement and progress. 

LIUNA Code of Performance 

Members of the Laborers' International Union of North America are known for bringing more to the work site than their Union cards.  Laborers built our Union by delivering:

    • Experience in the field
    • All the necessary skills for the job
    • Pride in their work and 
    • An ethic of hard work and safe practices.

To ensure that these qualities continue to be passed on to the present and future generations of Laborers, and to assure maximum efficiency and productivity for our signatory employers, the Union adopts and implements this Code of Performance for its members and Officers.

The goal of the Code of Performance is to ensure that our membership meets the highest standards in our industries.  Our aim is to deliver craftsmanship that exceeds the expectations of our contractors and their customers.  We need to provide and maintain a work force that makes contractors want to be Union and owners want to build Union. 

Meeting these goals requires a commitment of our leader to embrace the values of hard work and best practices at work and to pass them on to the members.  It requires that members understand and incorporate these values in their day-to-day performance.  And, it requires contractors to follow through on ay complaints that Laborers are failing to adhere to our standards.

Structure of LIUNA 

Through the years, LIUNA has grown and prospered, and is now compromised of:

    • Over 500,000 members
    • 400 Local Unions
    • 46 District Councils
    • 9 Regional Offices
    • 1 Canadian Sub-Regional Office
    • International Headquarters in Washington,  D.C.

Member Oath 

I do hereby solemnly pledge that, as a member of the Laborers' International Union of North America and of this Local Union, I will be active in its affairs, loyal to its cause and interests, and obedient to my constitutional obligations and responsibilities.  In the fulfillment of this commitment I will regularly attend Union meetings and volunteer my time and a VOICE organizer, on picket lines, in get-out-the-vote efforts and in local charities or community activities on the Union's behalf.  I will be true to my responsibilities as a citizen of the United States or Canada.  So help me God.

    • The union acts through its membership at regular monthly meetings.
    • All members have the right of voice and vote at those meetings. 
    • Attendance at membership meetings is one of the commitments members make in accepting membership.

Member Discounts

The Union Plus Credit Card is packed with special advantages designed to add up to a great deal for LIUNA members and their families.  By using the combined strength of millions of union members, Union Privileged had negotiated a great deal on a credit card that offers competitive rates, big benefits and union member extras. For more information about Union Plus please call 1-800-757-9882 or visit